Since launching this past week to bring some connection and nostalgia to the socially isolated, nearly 2,000 buddies have signed up, Nylon Magazine published a thing, and now, a Mac app has appeared.

The Mac app brings even more of the classic IM experience. You get notification sounds all the time, a bouncing icon dock when you receive messages, and an easier way to manage all your chat windows.

👉 Download it from

If you want to set your background to the classic “Bliss” from Windows XP, here it is:

The world I thought I lived in forever changed in the few years of my pre-teens, just as it did for every kid I knew or went to school with, and I suspect, many in my generation.

We all have an affinity for our favorite grocery chains — for me…

The newly released SwiftUI allows you to write your interface declaratively. And with the new data flow mechanisms, you can write your data flow declaratively as well — and everything will update as you would expect it to, automatically. The concepts are powerful, but they can be a little confusing.

Alexander Obenauer

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