It’s about time. I owe you — our fans, followers, and customers — a big status update on all things Mindsense. I’ll kick it off with our successes and challenges of 2015, then talk about where we’re headed with Mail Pilot and Throttle, and give you a few company-level updates.

Mail Pilot

Many have asked, inevitably, if our time investment into Throttle means we’re abandoning Mail Pilot. Not at all — quite the opposite.

We were elated after having achieved goal #1: get good ratings
Dash in Mail Pilot 2 for Mac
Unit sales and revenue breakdowns for mobile versus desktop sales of Mail Pilot.


We unveiled our first product outside of the Mail Pilot brand mid-year. It’s a really exciting product, because it brings a lot of firsts to email users. In particular, it solves email’s biggest problem in a totally air-tight way for the first time.

Throttle does some amazing new things for email users

Making Mindsense

Finally, at the end of 2015, I doubled-down on that whole ‘content marketing’ thing. I never touched it because I didn’t want to do it simply for marketing’s sake, I needed a better purpose but didn’t have one.

Making Mindsense, a new behind-the-scenes look at Mindsense

Team & Company

We’re still in the two-room suite we moved into in 2012 and expanded in 2014 in the VT Corporate Research Center, just behind our alma mater’s campus (and, more importantly on six Saturdays in the Fall, Lane Stadium).

The Mindsense team at the VT Corporate Research Center 2015 Chili Cook-off

Here’s to 2016.