If you found out you’d die in one year, what would you do for the next year? During our Christmas get-together last year, I asked my family this question. I mostly wanted to discover the essence of my relatives’ lives, as they saw it.

When my sister Erin turned the question on me, my answer came to me immediately (which, you should know, is rare): “I would move into an RV, travel around the country, meet as many fascinating people as I could, write a book about all the people I met, package it up as a cross-section of our country and society in one year; a slice of time, and leave it behind for Sarah, my wife, to publish after my death, so that she could hopefully be taken care of financially.”

Erin’s immediate response: “Why don’t you do that now?”

I wanted to immediately object with all the reasons about why that isn’t feasible, the life I have to tend to, obligations… my mind was full of excuses.

But It’s a damn good point: if that’s the ultimate way I could spend the next year of my life, so much so that it’s what I would choose to do should it be the final year of my life, why would I not do it? With that kind of clarity on what I’d do, how could I just ignore that dream?

It’s now one year later, and Sarah & I are about to spend our first Christmas in our rig. We got a 35' class A RV, and have spent the last few months learning how to be full-time travelers, working from the road, and getting into every town that beckons us.

Now is the next step: find the interesting people. Learn about them. And tell their stories.

2019 is going to be a wild ride.

Thank you, Erin.

Sarah & I with our new Bounder in September.