On the psychology behind great software: 100 “Final Draft” limited edition copies of my upcoming book.

As you may know, I’ve been writing a book on leveraging the psychology of optimal experience to design software products that people will love.

Cognitive science teaches us a lot about optimal experience. Leveraging that within our product design (UI & UX) puts our software in a league above the rest.

The book includes tons of background, case studies, exercises for you to try, industry examples, and more, all printed in a full-color, hardback book.

For a limited time, I decided to do something new for this book release:

If you want the book earlier than anyone else, for a big discount, in a limited edition signed & numbered, and to submit any final feedback before public release, then grab a copy fast!

This is a “Final Draft” Limited Edition run — just 100 copies of a final draft before public release. Once 100 are sold, that’s it!

You can pre-order it on Gumroad now. It’ll ship this Summer!