The Email Marketing Holy Grail

Often people have asked me if I’m afraid mass mailers will block people from using Throttle to subscribe to their lists. Each time, I’ve responded, “Quite the opposite! They’ll want their subscribers to use Throttle!”

Here’s seven reasons why.

100% Deliverability
The holy grail of sending mass mailings: you get 100% deliverability with Throttle users.

Higher Signup Rates
During our testing, something we didn’t predict but that we found out very quickly: Throttle users are far more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, because they don’t have to worry about vetting your privacy policy first.

Optimized Delivery Time
The best you can do is average out the best time to send your mass mailings to all of your users, even if that isn’t a great time for most of them. Throttle users pick the most convenient time for them personally to receive your content.

No Spam Reports
A user’s first and only step to stop unwanted email is to revoke access, so you don’t have to worry about spam reports with Throttle subscribers.

Automatic Whitelisting
When a subscriber authorizes your newsletter with Throttle, you are automatically whitelisted, so there’s no need to request that a user do it manually.

Full HTML5 + CSS3 Support
Your email is displayed in the user’s supported browser, with nothing stripped out. You can take advantage of all the full HTML5 & CSS3 that you want.

Social Sharing
Users that receive your messages in Throttle can share them on social networks, messengers like Slack, or by any other means. It’s a new feature we’ve rolled out that enables users to share a received message publicly. This will help increase your message’s reach, and grow your subscriber base, by leveraging your existing subscribers’ networks.

Throttle creates a symbiotic relationship between senders and receivers. It improves the lives of those on both sides of the relationship. So if you send newsletters or other mass mailings, consider prompting people to subscribe to your newsletter with Throttle, so you can get more of these 7 huge benefits above.