Throttle: Protect your inbox and your time, now for free.

Throttle’s big splash when it launched in January was dramatic: it is one of the rare few launches to amass over 1,000 votes on Product Hunt, and was featured in an interview with Robert Scoble. The crowd made it clear to us: they want Throttle.

Solving Email’s Biggest Problem

The problem: Our inboxes are buried in mass mailings, coupons, notifications, spam when our address is sold, and even interesting newsletters that just interrupt us. The problem is that when we give out our email addresses online, anyone can dump anything they want into our inboxes.

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Throttle Goes Free
On Tuesday, March 22, Throttle Basic will become ‘free forever’ — meaning anyone can sign up for unlimited use of Throttle, and it’ll never cost a dime. It now includes free access to even more features than were available before.

  • Custom Domain
  • Digests for Multiple Email Accounts
  • Attachment & Reply Support via Forwarding
  • Priority Access to Betas (i.e. mobile app)