Tons of Slick New Stuff in Throttle UX3

Today, we’re launching the Throttle UX3 Beta. It’s got a ton in it, so I wanted to run down some of the more in-demand stuff. A lot was totally redesigned and redeveloped from scratch. (If you don’t know what Throttle is, watch the video on the landing page for a fast description! In short: it’s an innovative new way to get the stuff out of your inbox that you want to receive, but doesn’t belong in your inbox).

Short on time? Here’s what’s new in 120 seconds:

What’s New in Throttle UX3, in 2 Minutes

The Redesigned Reading List

In the redesigned reading list, you can see what authorization a message is from, to quickly identify why you’re receiving any particular message.

Don’t know why you’re receiving a message? Just look right below it to see what authorization it’s from. Maybe someone sold your address or is sending you messages you didn’t expect. Either way, you can shut them down in the all-new access control, which you’ll see below, or you can use Throttle Automation to keep only what you want, also below.

You can also see the category that an authorization is in, right in the reading list. Click it to change the category, right there.

Beyond the new functionality, the new reading list has been redesigned to be more scannable, expressive, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Redesigned, Nested Source List

You can open categories in the new source list to see the subscriptions within it, and you can view the messages from any one subscription.

Quickly dive in to see what you’ve received from any one subscription. You may be surprised by the things you receive from an innocent-looking website!

The digest times of all of your categories are now displayed in the reading list, and you can click them to get to a cleaner and clearer custom category digest setting pane to set up your digests just the way you want.

The Redesigned & Redeveloped Access Control

We’ve totally redesigned and redeveloped Access Control so you can find out the things you want about the services you give your email address to.

In the new access control you can sort by sending frequency to find the worst offenders sending you mail. You can also search for your authorizations. The search is insanely fast, give it whirl.

Coming up next in the UX3 beta:
We’re just getting started.

Throttle Automation

Throttle Automation allows you to set up rules with filters & actions, to take actions automatically for you on certain or all subscriptions. Here are a few examples of what you can do with Throttle Automation.

Filtered forwarding

  • Automatically forward delivery notifications to your regular inbox, leaving all the coupons and ads in Throttle
  • Automatically forward emails from your Amazon subscriptions to your inbox only if they have to do with an order you’ve placed, leaving the rest in Throttle

Automatic Confirmation

Sick of having to pop into your reading list to confirm a newsletter you’re trying to subscribe for? Throttle can now automatically confirm new subscriptions for you.

Domain Restriction

Have you noticed that when you sign up for a newsletter from the New York Times, you also start getting some extra, random junk in your inbox? You’re not alone. Something unique Throttle can do with Throttle Automation is domain restriction.

When enabled for an authorization, this filter can automatically archive all messages that are sent by an email address that isn’t associated with the authorization. So if you sign up at, and get some mail from “,” it’ll automatically throw out that message.

This is only possible with Throttle, since it knows what website signup led to each message being received.

“What’s New” Tab

This new view allows you to quickly get caught up, without letting anything slip through the cracks.

The first row shows all the messages you’ve received since your last visit. The second row shows you the things that arrived before your last visit, but that are still unread. When you’re all caught up, just hit “Mark All as Read” to clear everything out.

This view also shows your recently generated addresses, where you can easily categorize, revoke, or if they’re unused, delete them.

Expandable Message View

The new message view is far more expressive, giving you interesting and critical information on the authorization that sent the message you’re viewing. It also gives you some new actions. One big fan request was to expand the message view, which is now possible.

And, more…

As always, we’re packing UX3 with tons more:

  • Shorter generated addresses for Pro users. They’re going to be a third of the length, making confirming them much easier when that might be necessary.
  • Bookmarking
  • Search & filtering
  • …and a few other little surprises.

The UX3 Beta is now available to all Throttle Pro users. Just open up your reading list, and you’ll see an image to take you to the UX3 Beta. If you don’t want to go, just hit collapse.

If you aren’t a Throttle Pro user yet, when you click on this image, it’ll pop up a checkout form for you to upgrade. If you want to check out UX3, do it now, because once these features are public, the price of Throttle Pro will go up as the value of its feature set goes up. By upgrading now, you’ll lock in your lower price!

Know that the UX3 Beta is a beta — there may be bugs and sluggishness, but we wanted to get it into Pro user’s hands now to find out what our real customers think of it, and because many of you have wanted some of these features for quite some time — we’ve been eager to get your thoughts!

We look forward to getting your thoughts on the UX3 Beta Testers forum. We hope to keep making Throttle even more valuable for you, and from all of us at Mindsense, thank you for your support!




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