Tons of Slick New Stuff in Throttle UX3

What’s New in Throttle UX3, in 2 Minutes

The Redesigned Reading List

The Redesigned, Nested Source List

The Redesigned & Redeveloped Access Control

Throttle Automation

  • Automatically forward delivery notifications to your regular inbox, leaving all the coupons and ads in Throttle
  • Automatically forward emails from your Amazon subscriptions to your inbox only if they have to do with an order you’ve placed, leaving the rest in Throttle

“What’s New” Tab

Expandable Message View

And, more…

  • Shorter generated addresses for Pro users. They’re going to be a third of the length, making confirming them much easier when that might be necessary.
  • Bookmarking
  • Search & filtering
  • …and a few other little surprises.



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