What Happens When You’re #1 on Product Hunt

The Takeaways

Some examples of the positive and productive community on PH. Top: An interesting idea — in the email space, I’ve often heard from parents of the need for a “safe email” service for their young ones. We never thought of Throttle’s impact it could have there. Bottom: Hokie Nation sure does love (or hate?) email, and being on the connected community, we were able to open discussions to what would usually be a lofty request for partnership.
Again, amazingly, despite Product Hunt bringing in a volume multiple times larger, there was very little variance on the quality of the visitor here. Note: bounce rate (blue) lower is better, pages / session (green) higher is better.

Actionable advice or lessons learned?

  1. Build a great product
  2. Get featured on Product Hunt
  3. Engage the community in the comments section
  4. Enjoy meeting a bunch of new people
A full breakout of the data visualized above, for reference, and to check me on any visualization errors or misinferences (that’s not a word, but it should be).

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